Custom Wheel One Piece - set of four

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We can manufacture a set of exclusive wheels unique in the world for customers. Let your vehicle be maverick, distinguished and luxurious.  

1-Piece Wheels

A 1-piece wheel is made from a center piece complete with spokes.  The ease of customization makes them a popular choice among high performance car owners.

Advantages of One-Piece Wheels

The most significant advantage of a 1-piece wheel is fitment. Because they’re typically custom made, the wheels are often built to the vehicle’s exact specifications allowing for factors such as bigger brakes, a lowered suspension and any other modifications that might make fitting a wheel difficult to be taken into consideration during the production process. As such, two-piece wheels rarely need hub centric spacers or rings.

Another significant advantage is the finish possibilities. Because they’re made from custom for you, they open the door for nearly limitless finishes. 

 High Precision Production

CNC process accurate up to .03 mm.

 Lighter Materials

Aluminum alloy is up to 50% lighter than steel.

 Special Engraving

Logos, and specialty designs.

 All Makes of Cars

Custom fit to your needs.

 Planning and Design

Work closely with our staff to create your vision.

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