11R 24.5 16 PR Open Shoulder Driver Truck Tire

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Key Product Features:

All-Season (M+S)

Regroovable radial tubeless

Big block design provides excellent anti-puncture resistance.

Fuel efficient and rated for high mileage

Excellent performance in all weather conditions


Uniracing offers steer, trailer, driver, open shoulder, and closed shoulder in commercial tires. We take pride in our manufacturing and stand fully behind our products by offering our limited commercial warranty.


Size: 11R24.5-16PR

Pattern: SN228

Tread Width: 8.3 inches

Load Index: 149/146

Speed Rating: L

Inflation Pressure: 850 kPa

Load Capacity (single): 7200 lb.

Load Capacity (dual): 6610 lb.

Section Width: 279mm (11 inch)

Overall Diameter: 1092mm (43 inch)

Tread Depth: 25mm


Weight: 120 lbs.

Handling: 1 business day