PRIVATE CUSTOMIZED aluminum FORGED WHEELs designed with you

We can manufacture a set of exclusive wheels unique in the world for customers. Let your vehicle be maverick, distinguished and luxurious.  

 High Precision Production

CNC process accurate up to .03 mm.

 Lighter Materials

Aluminum alloy is up to 50% lighter than steel.

 Special Engraving

Logos, and specialty designs.

 All Makes of Cars

Custom fit to your needs.

 Planning and Design

Work closely with our staff to create your vision.

Custom Wheel options

A place to begin and pricing options.

One Piece Custom Forged Wheels

One PC Original & Special

Original, made to match manufacturer styles with a little flair.

Pricing starts at $2999

Special, custom design made to order.

Pricing starts at $3999

Two Piece Custom Forged Wheels

Two Piece 

Solid barrel, and one pc insert.  Pricing starts at $4299

Three Piece Forged Custom Wheel

Three PIECE  

Solid barrel, two pc custom insert.  Pricing starts at $4999

Create your design

We can manufacture any style you want. Make your vehicle unique and distinguished.  Our wheels can be powder coated or painted to any color you request with special orders being available for more complicated styling needs or engineering requirements. Custom engraving, center caps, and more.

From bold and modern to classic and simple we can make it. 

We can also take the design of factory wheels and make them fit your larger brakes or change sizing altogether.

Production Process

Our rims are forged using 6061 aviation-grade aluminum, then receive T5T6 heat treatment and solidification. All rims are precision turned with high-precision and cutting-edge CNC machines to ensure 0-0.03mm tolerance.  Our forged rimsare generally half the weight of cast wheels allowing for faster braking and better balancing. Forged rims  ordered from us are tested thoroughly using software to ensure they can handle our scrutinous standards before being manufactured.

Fits any car

Our manufacturing plant is capable of machining, testing, and designing wheels that fit almost any car.

Wheel specs range wildy allowing your dream rim style.

Diameter range: 12’’-24’’

Witdh range: 4’’-14’’

Offset range: -40 +50.

Any bolt pattern.

An overview of the creation process

CUSTOM Wheel Design timeline


Customer Advice for Wheel Styles and Auto / Car Models

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Blueprint Design (2D).


Blueprint Design (3D).

 DAY 5

Production Scheduling 

Material Preparation


Process Programming


Machining Process

DAY 10

Face Milling Process

DAY 12

Quality Control Tests

  • Impact 
  • Dynamic Cornering Fatigue 
  • Dynamic Radial Fatigue

DAY 13


Color Painting

DAY 14


Color Painting

DAY 15

Visual Inspection

Laser Marking

Packing and Delivery

Fitment Sheet for download